Portfolio Update – March 2021

  Hello, Investing Explorers, this was another interesting month in the stock market. Gladly I was able to invest a decent amount into my portfolio as I’ve got some income from my part-time jobs. The bearish start gave me an opportunity to expand my dividend stock positions with a good starting point.

Don’t forget that you can check my full portfolio here.

NextEra Energy (NEE)

  At the beginning of this month, while the stock market was falling red, I used it as a good opportunity to add a new dividend stock position to my portfolio. For a broader position in the renewable energy sector, I have chosen to buy 2 stocks of NextEra Energy (NEE). I strongly believe that renewable energy will be the future, which means that this position I will hold for the long-term. At this moment, it pays 1,54$ annual dividend which adds to 3,08$ annual dividends to my portfolio.

  Currently, the dividend stock portfolio generates $ 79,88 per year. Furthermore, in 2021 the goal is to achieve at least $ 100 per year, which would speed up the progress.

Barclays Help-To-Buy Update

On March 26th Barclays has reduced the Help-To-Buy ISA interest rates from 2.05% to 1.25%. Although it was used to keep the emergency fund, from now on, it will not be increased as the interest is falling. This fund covers 2 months of my expenses, as I have a job and I am a student, I believe it’s relatively safe for now.

ETF Update

In the most boring way, I continue to buy IWDA and build up my portfolio. This month I only managed to buy 1 share for 64.30€, but at least I used the free monthly purchase.


That’s it for this monthly update from the investment side. However, I am planning a hiking trip at some point in April, so you will be able to see a new post about travelling this month! Stay safe and comment below what were your investments in March or what are your plans for April!