Portfolio Update – May 2021

Portfolio Update – May 2021

  Hello, Investing Explorers! Another month has past and finally we it’s summer! As I was been busy with university, I have not been able to follow all market fluctuations. The AT&T news, has given some time for consideration about portfolio updates.

AT&T News

  This month AT&T has announced that they are selling HBO Max and it will be merged with Discovery Plus. As promised so far, the AT&T shareholders  next year will get shares of the new company. However, it has some advantages and some drawbacks. The AT&T will be in a better financial position as they have sold HBO Max and has cut its’ dividends. But it was one of the reason why I have chose this company, so it can be seemed as a drawback. As I believe that newly formed streaming giant has a high potential and AT&T will continue to be a safe dividend stock, so I will keep it. 

In addition, this month I’ve got £3.17 in dividends from this stock!

Portfolio Overview

  During this month I have purchased only 2 IWDA ETFs. However, my portfolio has climbed over €5000 again, and I am super excited! Although, this month has been extremely volatile, I was busy with all assessments and was not checking it regularly nor stressing about it. As I am here not for quick money, I believe my long-term my portfolio will grow as I am planning to continuously to add more positions and increase current ones.

Summer Plans

  As all assessments for university are done, new life-stage has started! As mentioned in my previous post, I have bought a drone, which will be used for future videos. For this reason, tomorrow I am starting a new trip which should take around 3 weeks. More details will be covered in the post after this journey, so keep an eye if you are interested!