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Trip to The Peak District

Trip to The Peak District

Hello, Investing Explorers, as promised I am going to share my latest Trip to The Peak District. After long travel restrictions and weeks of bad weather, it felt amazing to be back travelling. A long-awaited visit to the Peak District definitely climbed over my all expectations! If you would like to see all sightseeings, up here you can check my video from this trip. I would love to hear your opinion and your recommendations for the next travel video and if you enjoyed it, don’t forget to Subscribe!

Travel Plan

  As I am still living in Nottingham, the travel started at the Nottingham Train Station. After a short journey to Sheffield, I took a bus straight to Castleton. Shortly, I was in Castleton ready to start my hike. As the only planned thing was to visit Mam Tor, I started walking directly to it. Although the morning was cloudy, by the time I reached Mam Tor, it was sunny and the view was stunning. There were tons of paragliders on top of it! After a short break watching paragliders, I continued my hike. As I have reached my destination, I just wandered around through other routes and reached Winnats Pass. So after a couple of hours walking around, I returned back to Castleton and took a bus to Sheffield. After a long day of walking and travelling, I sat down to eat some pizza and relax. After a delicious meal and rest, I headed back to Nottingham. The full route you can see down below.

Cost Breakdown

Overall, I have spent around £30 on meals and tickets. I believe it is a fairly cheap cost in comparison with an amazing experience and a full day trip of adventures. However, I used a railcard to get a discount on train tickets. Furthermore, if I would have prepared my meals before the total costs would be £12.20 for the whole trip.

  I would definitely recommend everyone visit Peak District to explore it even more! There are many different hiking trails and sightseeing that are extremely worth visiting. That will be it for this post and see you at the next one!